Today I was asked how old I am and my response was that sometimes I feel like I am 25 and sometimes I feel like I am 90. When I feel like I am 90, the best thing for me to do is to go out into my garden for 10-15 mins and then I generally feel 25 again! Which brings me onto the topic of why we need to go green in NZ.

The simple fact is that if we do not have a green environment then there will be no economy for the future generations. We can no longer hide our heads in the sand. So, I invite you to vote for the Green party this election. We need a green environment and a green economy like never before and we need it NOW!

Yes, the Green party may not be perfect, but none of us is perfect, we all break the law.

Today, I walked out of my house talking on my mobile and I did not stop talking as I got into my car and drove all the way to Botany. I broke the law for the entire journey.

The reason I did this involved a child in need. But does the law care about my reason? According to some, no, the law is the law.

Do you see the problem? Without rational thinking and compassion, we cease to be humans. Not only do we need to reassess our values in life, but our laws and regulations also need to be updated and this needs to happen quickly!

Our only hope as a species is for a change to a greener way of life. The facts are unavoidable. So come on NZ, let’s get it together and let’s start making the world a better place!

Leigh Nicholson