The Industrial Age and Information Age are finally being replaced with a last call to humanity, the Age of Nature.  

Whether we chose to act swiftly or delay, will determine the fate of our history. Some say it is too late already. Human optimism, determination and ingenuity are our only weapons now.

For those who have not watched the series, I urge you to. The glimmers of hope are an inspiration to all.

From our very beginnings ten years ago, Hanging Gardens has been banging on about climate change and the need for sustainable solutions to build some resilience into our urban environments. The benefits of vertical gardens are now well established.

Around the world, countries and cities are greening up and implementing legislation to ensure sufficient greenery. Singapore, France, Australia, China, Netherlands, and the list goes on. The Auckland Council was looking into this, but nothing yet. In the mean time, we carry on as usual……

Declaring a climate emergency is a good first step, but this must be backed by a solid plan, come on NZ lets see the plan!

Leigh Nicholson