At Hanging Gardens we are all about delivering beautiful and cost effective garden solutions that make the most of unique and under-utilised spaces.

What we do

At Hanging Gardens we design and install vertical gardens to transform under-utilised surface into beautiful spaces.

We work alongside our clients to design and customise each Hanging Garden to make the best of the site features, lighting and other conditions. We focus on designing and building vertical gardens that are high quality, long-lasting, sustainable and highly resilient to seasonal climate changes. Hanging Gardens are soil-based gardens with low operating costs. Our unique removable felt pockets (patent pending) provide good soil depth, retain a high degree of moisture and keep the roots aerated to ensure plant health.

We offer an end-to-end service including garden design, manufacture, plant selection and sourcing, installation, support and maintenance.

Our project management expertise, acquired over many years,  means we are well equipped and focused to deliver on budget and with no surprises.


Our focus is on vertical gardens and our passion is for greening up urban areas.

  • 2012 –   The foundation of Hanging Gardens is in the pocket system products we introduced for the ‘do-it-yourself’ home owner in 2012. Our designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Offices of NZ and Australia
  • 2013 –   Our business evolved to cover the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of customised vertical gardens for commercial properties, public spaces and residential gardens. Hanging Gardens won a design award for Hobsonville Development
  • 2014 –   Hanging Gardens was recognised by EY as one of the entrepreneurial, winning companies in NZ. Our show gardens won multiple awards at the Ellerslie International Flower Show.  Hanging Gardens installed the worlds largest, outdoor, soil based, vertical garden at New World Remuera
  • 2015 –   Hanging Gardens launched our products at the Melbourne Flower Show and Nambour Flower Show.  Hanging Gardens was awarded the Dianne Foreman Scholarship to attend the Darden Business School programme on leadership, innovation and sustainability
  • 2016 –   Hanging Gardens installed the worlds largest, indoor, soil based, vertical garden at IVHQ New Plymouth.  Hanging Gardens became the first vertical garden supplier to be listed in MasterSpec NZ.  Hanging Gardens was used as a business case by Darden Business School for teaching innovation and sustainability

Unique Identity

Hanging Gardens is the only company in New Zealand that has a long history of successfully delivering sustainable, soil based vertical gardens.

We believe that soil based, vertical gardens provide the best environmental and sustainability benefits, while at the same time minimising maintenance and ongoing operational costs.

With our unique understanding and knowledge of how plants perform in vertical garden situations, we believe we can offer the best advice to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our Team

We are all passionate about what we do

Our team includes an award-winning landscape designer and horticultural experts who can advise on plant selection and planting plans to suit your site and your preferences.  We work with a range of nurseries across the country to source a wide variety of healthy plants that will flourish over the long term. Our team is comprised of a group of highly qualified individuals with outstanding experience in all areas of our business, including the following:-

  • Landscape architectural design
  • Urban ecology, botany and horticulture
  • Hard landscaping, site construction and site safety
  • Structural rigging and structural engineering
  • Project and risk management
Meet our team


The things we believe in

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Sustainability
  • Customer focus
  • Can-do approach
  • Simplicity
  • Growth

We make sure our products and solutions are good for plants, good for the environment and good for people.

We aim for a cradle to cradle life-cycle and our products meet the Living Building Challenge.

We love helping people grow gardens, build knowledge and understanding, and improve the environment.


Our Partners

At Hanging Gardens we work hard to ensure that we add value to the supply chain of everyone we work with.

  • Our products are designed and made in New Zealand and registered with the Intellectual Property Offices of NZ
  • We work closely with wonderful plant propagators and nurseries all over the country
  • We support architects and developers by providing a range of standard products in MasterSpec
  • We support the Darden Business School and provided them with all our information so that they could create a business case  on Hanging Gardens which is now used for their Executive Programme on Innovation, Sustainability and  Entrepreneurial Leadership around the world
  • To support our NZ environment, we sponsored Sustainable Coastlines  – The Flagship Education Centre – in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter with our products, which met the stringent Living Building Challenge criteria


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