At Hanging Gardens we specialize in the design and installation of vertical gardens to turn drab walls into striking features.

Our focus

Previously under-utilised surfaces and areas can be transformed into beautiful spaces. We work alongside our clients to design and customise each Hanging Garden to make the best of the site features, lighting and other conditions.

Our soil based vertical gardens are designed to be long-lasting, sustainable and highly resilient to seasonal climate changes.

We offer an end-to-end service including garden design, plant selection and sourcing, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Project management expertise acquired over many years  means we are well equipped and focused to deliver on budget and with no surprises.

Vertical Gardens

Gardens on vertical surfaces are used as focal points to beautify and green up urban areas.

Vertical gardens reduce urban temperatures, assist with the management of water run-off, remove harmful air pollutants and generally provide healthier environments. Interior vertical gardens provide healthy and relaxing environments, and have been found to improve working conditions and boost productivity. They insulate buildings, reduce dependency on heating and cooling systems, improve the air quality by removing toxins and counteract the drying effects of air conditioning.

Vertical gardens play an important roll in urban landscapes, as they improve the biodiversity and resilience of cities by providing essential habitats for flora and fauna.


Every Hanging Garden is designed in consultation with our clients and customised to make the best of the site features, lighting and other conditions.

We like to start by getting to know you and your project, so we get a really good understanding of your requirements and what you are looking to accomplish.

Our team includes an award-winning landscape designer and horticultural experts who can design garden concepts that reflect your preferences for colour, species, depth and other parameters while making the most of your site’s physical features.

Indoor vertical gardens

Designs for interiors are given particular care because of the need to waterproof the vertical structure, the amount of available light, the environmental conditions for the plants and the choice of plants.  We can assist with all aspects of the design of indoor gardens to beautify interiors and improve the health of the work space. Throughout the process, our professional, friendly team will provide you with a truly personalised service, ensuring you are kept informed at every step.


Our Hanging Gardens are manufactured in New Zealand to our strict quality standards and our products meet the Living Building criteria.

We manufacture a range of standard products with specifications provided in MasterSpec for ease of use by architects. We are constantly innovating new solutions to meet a wide range of client requirements.  We use the highest quality materials and endeavour to follow a cradle to cradle  philosophy in the design and manufacture of all our products.

Our vertical garden solutions are quick to install and light weight – approximately 35 kilograms per square metre with mature plants and fully saturated.

The Hanging Gardens team includes structural rigging specialists who can install large gardens over existing building exteriors or interiors without the need for major infrastructural changes.

Plant Selection

Hanging Gardens are soil-based to provide natural habitats for the plants.

Plant selection is a vital element for each garden and plants should be chosen to suit the micro-climate of the site. We are the specialists in the use of NZ native plants for the creation of sustainable vertical gardens. We have undertaken a huge number of trials of native plants and know how well they can perform in vertical situations.

Besides NZ natives, there are a huge number of other plants which work beautifully in vertical gardens. These include sub-tropical species, edible plants, herbs and in fact, anything that will grow in a container will be just fine in our gardens.

Our team will help you select the best plants for your site. Have a look at our Plant Ideas page under Resources for more inspiration.

Plant Sourcing

Plant sourcing is important to fully realise the benefits of soil-based vertical gardens which can provide natural habitats for both flora and fauna and positively impact the biodiversity of the environment.

We work with a range of nurseries across the country to source a wide variety of healthy plants that will flourish over the long term. We can locally source plants for specific areas and requirements.

The critical element of our systems is our unique and removable felt pocket. This provides good soil depth, retains a high degree of moisture and keeps the roots aerated to ensure plant health. Once planted in their felt pockets, the plants can be moved to the garden site and swapped about without damaging the plant. This provides for easy maintenance to keep the garden looking stunning throughout the seasons.


We believe that soil based, vertical gardens provide the best environmental and sustainability benefits, while at the same time minimising maintenance and ongoing operational costs.

Hanging Gardens is the only company in New Zealand that has a long history of successfully delivering sustainable, soil based vertical gardens. With our unique understanding and knowledge of how plants perform in vertical garden situations, we believe we can offer the best advice to ensure the best possible outcome.


As our gardens are soil based, they require very little maintenance and this delivers low operating costs.

Typically for exterior NZ native gardens, we recommend bi-annual or annual maintenance.

For internal gardens, the maintenance will be dependent upon environmental conditions and the desired look of the garden. Highly maintained gardens require monthly maintenance whereas a more natural look will probably require maintenance every two to six months.

We provide maintenance services if desired, but we are equally happy to train your staff or service providers to keep your Hanging Garden looking beautiful