Freestanding Framed Gardens for exterior and interior application

Freestanding Framed Gardens use light weight, soil based garden pockets in a self contained, powder-coated aluminium, vertical garden module. The modules come with a waterproofed backing panel, a drip tray and automatic irrigation. They are ideal for exterior application as balcony gardens and space dividers.

For interior application they are perfect as single or double sided space dividers and wall units.

Exterior Application

Ideal for balcony gardens where body corporate rules restrict any attachment to any surface. These gardens can be used as movable, free standing, double sided or single sided space dividers.

Where fixtures are permitted, these can also be wall mounted.

Interior Application

Ideal for interiors where attachment to a vertical surface is restricted. These gardens can be used as movable, free standing, double sided or single sided space dividers. They can also be wall mounted.

Components of System and Materials

The system is comprised of a powder-coated aluminium module with UV resistant, pocket gardens as a medium for holding plants.

The plants are planted into the unique, removable felt pockets in soil. The plants, in their felt pockets, are placed into the outer Hanging Garden pockets. The Hanging Gardens are suspended on 316 marine grade, stainless steel rods secured to the aluminium frame.

The frame is a powder-coated aluminium and the material of outer bag is guaranteed in harsh UV light for 15 years.

Standard Sizes and Configurations

Our Freestanding Framed Gardens can be made to fit almost any size and the configuration is tailored to fit the design requirements.

  • Height : 1000 mm or 2000 mm. (Can be custom made to fit other dimensions)
  • Width: 300 mm, 850 mm or 1500 mm (Can be custom made to fit other dimensions)
  • Depth: 350 mm
  • Drip Tray – to fit requirements
  • Weight / m2 : Approximately TBC kg per m2 when planted with standard potting mix and saturated.

Installation Details

The light weight Freestanding Framed Gardens are delivered to site without plants and are quick and easy to install.

All plants are delivered to site, pre-planted in their felt pockets. Installation of the plants is in accordance with a Planting Plan.  Automatic irrigation is pre-assembled and requires a standard connection to a mains water supply.

Site measurement is generally undertaken prior to manufacture.  Any wall penetration and fixing detail is  designed according to substrate, building design and engineering requirements.


Accessories for each solution could include the following:-

  • Castors for movable gardens
  • Submersible pumps for self irrigated system
  • Supplementary plant growing lights for low light conditions
  • Powder coating – to clients requirements
  • Drip trays – to client requirements
  • Rainwater collection from the roof
  • Slim-line water storage tanks, pumps and inline filters


We work with a wide range of high quality plant suppliers around New Zealand and locally sourced, sustainable, New Zealand native plants as well as exotic plants, indoor plants and edible plants can be provided for specific requirements:-

  • Interior plants for low, medium and good light situations
  • Exterior plants for North, South, East or West facing sites as well as for high wind, coastal environments.

All plants are pre-planted into their felt pockets and delivered to site ready to be placed into the Hanging Gardens.


The irrigation systems are designed for the site and environment and can be connected to a rainwater collection system and/or main supply.

A typical installation will use :-

  • a 20mm tap with mains water pressure of  between 2-5 bar
  • a battery or electrical controller with single or multiple zones
  • 19 mm vertical feeder pipes and 13 mm horizontal feeder pipes
  • pressure compensating drippers or spray irrigation
  • Rainwater collection and storage

Drip feeding is water conserving and delivers low operating costs, easy maintenance and water management benefits.

If you would like a brochure or would like to see our specification in MasterSpec, please see our Resources Page

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