Dreaming big: How does Wellington become the best city in the world?

Hanging Gardens was asked to provide some pictures for a talk by Ludo Campbell-Reid, the visionary urban strategist from Auckland Council, for a talk in Wellington on how to make this the best city in the world. We were delighted to help. Some years back, we were asked to put up a vertical garden as a trial for the Biophilic City Strategy in the Opera House Lane as no-one else would contemplate doing this in the dark and windy alley. We put up a small garden and this continues to flourish and provide habitats for fauna, with zero maintenance!

Since then we have been asked to replace a failing hydroponic garden at the Victoria University and did this a couple of months back. Shortly we will be installing more gardens at Ricoh headquarters on the foreshore. We love greening up urban spaces and are the only company in NZ that focuses entirely on vertical gardens. We love breathing life into walls!

Ludo’s talk was so well received it appeared in the Dominion Post. Go Wellington!

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