There are so many plants that are suitable for Hanging Gardens we could write a book!

In fact, we did (available on Amazon), but we love to share out knowledge so, the general rule for plants is :-

“If the plant will grow in a container, it will grow in our Hanging Gardens!”

New Zealand Natives

New Zealand native plants have evolved over millions of years to grow in tiny pockets of soil on vertical surfaces and these are ideal for growing in Hanging Gardens. New Zealand also has a wide range of epiphytes (plants that grow up in trees in nature) and these are totally at home in Hanging Gardens.

We have successfully tested so many native plants, that only one springs to mind as having failed, and the was Euphorbia glauca which started off well, but did not last past 18 months. So be bold and try them. We have plenty of ideas for you below.


Strawberries, tomatoes and beans all do perfectly. Let gravity do the work and allow them to trail rather than climb.

For strawberries and other veges, at the end of the season, shake out the old soil and replenish, (any good container mix),  then replant your plant and pop it back into the Hanging Garden

For herbs, if you are planting soft herbs, such as basil, put two or three plants into one felt pocket. You will eat them faster than they can grow and you do not want too many empty pockets in your Hanging Garden. If you are planting the Mediterranean or harder herbs, such as rosemary or thyme, plant one per pocket.

Other Outdoor Plants

For seasonal plants, prize begonias, spring bulbs and other annuals, we recommend that you stock up with a few extra felt pockets so you can swap your plants about with the seasons.

Store the bulbs, etc. away for the winter in their felt pockets – in a cool area and then when they come back into flower – swap them back into the Hanging Gardens for a beautiful spring display!

Bromiads are just wonderful for shaded spots, mix them with native ferns or Iris japonica.  The birds will love them as drinking spots.

Here are a few for inspiration, sort by category is you need to