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Hanging Gardens shop

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Thanks for coming down over the weekend to install our gardens. We’re stoked with the result and both walls are going to be real features of the building

IVHQ Executive Director Dan Radcliffe says the inclusion of the interior green walls in the fit-out lines up with the company’s need to maintain a connection with nature and the environment. “The Hanging Gardens are an awesome feature of our fit-out and we’ve been able to create an office space that will make our energetic team feel good about coming to work,” says Dan. “We chose the green walls as a feature because of their calming effect on people and the improvement in air quality we can achieve. That plus our use of solar power in the building are central to the concept of having green, sustainable office premises.”

“We were excited to bring Hanging Gardens in to design and install the two green walls.  Specialists in this area, they were wonderful to work with and their passion and expertise in vertical gardens shines through in the finished office space.”

Dan Radcliff , International Volunteers Headquarters

Thanks to you and your team, we just love our Hanging Garden and the locals love it too!

The capturing of the rainwater off the roof is brilliant and somehow the whole place feels much cooler. Everyone wants to know the names of the  native plants – can you give me a poster with the names please?

I also love the plants in the room it made such an impression on me that I thought I had better clean my room up to make the plants feel better !

My staff are jealous of the gardens in my office, so could you add some more in their offices too please?

Adrian Barkla , New World Remuera

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