Plant Pockets for healthy plants

The secret to the success of Hanging Gardens lies in our unique felt pockets (patent pending).

These pockets have been designed for the health of the plants. They retain a high degree of moisture without water-logging the plants, they aerate the roots and a good soil content is provided. The plant roots also benefits from the symbiotic relationship with soil bacteria.

Bacteria in the soil removes heavy metals and toxins from the environment while the plants remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

Hanging Gardens soil-based vertical gardens are ideal for a wide range of plants.

Perfect for New Zealand natives, annuals, perennials, exotic sub-tropicals, herbs, vegetables, other edibles and any plant that will grow in a container.

The plants are planted into the removable and reusable felt pockets in good a quality soil.

The plants can then be swapped about without damage. This provides for easy maintenance to keep the garden looking stunning throughout the seasons.

Plant selection

Selecting the right plants is important to fully realise the benefits of soil-based vertical gardens

Vertical gardens for corridors of vegetation which can provide natural habitats for both flora and fauna and positively impact the biodiversity of the environment.

Our team includes an award-winning landscape designer and horticultural experts who can advise on plant selection and planting plans to suit your site and your preferences. We work with a range of nurseries across the country to source a wide variety of healthy plants that will flourish over the long term.

NZ Native Plants

Our NZ plants have evolved over millions of years to thrive in vertical conditions.

Our pockets provide the plants with the right medium to grow wonderfully in all vertical situations.

There are species that are ideal for full sun, many will do perfectly in part sun and there are a large number that prefer full shade. Selecting the right plants is crucial to the sustainable success of the garden.

We have a range of species under the Plant Ideas (under Resources).

General rule for plants

If the plant will grow in a container, it will do just fine in our gardens.

Other Outdoor Plants

There are a huge number of exotic plants from around the world which perform perfectly in vertical situations.

Sub-tropical plants and other epiphytes, such as Bromeliads, are perfect for our gardens.

Many of the Australian and South African plants commonly found at garden centers are also just fine.

Consider your site location (north facing? full shade? coastal? high wind?) and the plants water requirements and then select your plants accordingly

Indoor Plants

Plants for interiors must be chosen with care as these plants have specific light, temperature and humidity requirements.

Interior irrigation systems are recommended to counter-effect air-conditioning and heating.

The setting of the irrigation may require 2-6 weeks to adjust to the micro-climate of the site.

The controller should be located in a convenient location.

Climbing Plants

Plants used for green screens will require careful consideration to achieve the desired result.

Some climbers are annual and provide rapid growth, Some are deciduous and some are slow growing. Selecting the right climber for each situation requires care.

Our horticulture team can help with selection for your requirement.


All plants require maintenance. Old growth needs to be trimmed back to allow for new growth.  However, as our gardens are soil based, they require relatively little maintenance and this delivers low operating costs.

Typically for exterior NZ native gardens, recommended plant maintenance is bi-annual.

For internal gardens, the maintenance will be dependent upon environmental conditions but for best results, monthly plant care is best.

Want a copy of our general brochure?

For more inspiration have a look at our Plant Ideas page (under Resources).