Green Facades and Foliage Screens for exterior and interior application

Green facades and foliage screens are created using a tensile rigging system with planters and climbing plants.

These are ideal for interior application as semi-transparent space dividers and /or exterior application for building facades.

Exterior Application

Green facades are ideal for softening existing or new facades and are designed to fit client site requirements and plant specifications.

Interior Application

Green screen are ideal to invigorate internal spaces and are designed to fit client site requirements and plant specifications.

Components of System and Materials

The system is comprised of 316 marine grade stainless steel rigging fixtures and fittings. Planter options can include:-

  • Aluminium planters
  • Light weight composite planters
  • Client provided planters

 Standard Sizes and Configurations

Green facades and foliage screens can be made to fit almost any size and a wide variety of configurations are possible. These include:-

  • Horizontal rigging – to client requirements
  • Vertical rigging – to client size
  • Diamond – to client requirements
  • Mesh – to client requirements


Locally sourced, sustainable, New Zealand native plants as well as exotic plants. Plants can be selected for specific requirements:

  • North, South, East or West facing.
  • High wind,
  • Coastal,
  • NZ natives only, locally sourced,
  • Exotic, mixed, etc.


As our gardens are soil based, they require very little maintenance and this delivers low operating costs. Typically for exterior NZ native gardens, recommended plant maintenance is bi-annual. For internal gardens, the maintenance will be dependent upon environmental conditions.

Installation Details

Site measurement is undertaken prior to manufacture and the installation is designed according to the substrate and any waterproofing requirements. Wall penetration and fixing details are designed according to the substrate, building design and engineering requirements. Irrigation is designed according building design and site requirements.

Testing or Certification

316 Marine grade stainless steels.


The irrigation systems are designed for the site and environment and can be connected to a rainwater collection system and/or main supply.

A typical installation will use :-

  • a 20mm tap with mains water pressure of  between 2-5 bar
  • a battery or electrical controller with single or multiple zones
  • 19 mm vertical feeder pipes and 13 mm horizontal feeder pipes
  • pressure compensating drippers or spray irrigation
  • Rainwater collection and storage

Drip feeding is water conserving and delivers low operating costs, easy maintenance and water management benefits

If you would like a brochure or would like to see our specification in MasterSpec, please see our Resources Page