Today, Hanging Gardens was asked to bring some life to a tiny garden space at Hobsonville Point. The wonderful owners were both challenged with debilitating medical conditions and we were overjoyed to be able to help them and their gorgeous working dog JR, create a tranquil bit of garden for them all to enjoy.

This was the space we were tackling, not much of a garden, but enough to  work with to transform it into a usable space.hobsonville-before-and-afer

This is why we love going up the wall!  Greening up spaces makes people so happy and enriches their lives in so many ways that are impossible to measure.

The transformation of this tiny space costs an insignificant amount in comparison to the cost of the development and yet, utterly transforms the space. Why is it not compulsory for developers to provide this kind of outdoor space right from the start? The NZ economy would be boosted, the health of the environment would be boosted, public health costs would be reduced, and on top of that, the oxygenation of the atmosphere would be improved!

France and Singapore are leading the way with environmental improvements, come on NZ, we can do it too!

We would love to help you go up the wall so please do call us!

Leigh Nicholson