In this blistering heat, I thought about water and how China is buying up large quantities of resources around the globe, to the extent that the very definition of sovereignty is changing.

These resources include vast amounts of forests, farmlands, oil reserves, natural gas reserves, minerals and  of course watercourses and reserves. There are now a growing number of water trading companies and this is a growing economic activity with vast amounts of water being traded and sold to the highest bidder.

The thought that we will treat water in the same way we treated oil, is simply too horrific to contemplate (this must fall into the SMS syndrome – Suicide of Man Syndrome – possibly linked to the SMS texting phase)

However, on the bright side, perhaps this is NZ’s water-rich time to lead the world in the management of a vital and strategic asset.

I am sure the brains of James and Jacinda can do it. Three quick steps:-

Step 1 – Do not sell NZ water reserves to foreigners (a bit like selling part of your home to some unknown stranger and do not poison the golden calf, i.e. do not poison the water! – very NB)

Step 2 – Re-evaluate the true value /cost of water and charge accordingly (Phased approach recommended – people don’t generally like paying for anything)

Step 3 – Regulate the water trading markets – to participants only – don’t want all those wild trading boys mucking around and speculating wildly with incomprehensible options, derivatives and nasty things like that – very NB!)


Leigh Nicholson