Plants are somewhat like dogs, they ask for very little and they reward you with endless enjoyment.

Plants only need the smallest amount of attention if you give them the right amounts of water, light and food. But if you deprive plants of any of these three requirements for an extended period of time, then the plants start to die.

If you catch the plant in time, you may be able to save it. If the plant is turning brown or wilting, it is a very good indicator that the plant is not happy and then action is required. If you ignore the plants cry for help, it is likely that it will not survive.

Our Hanging Gardens have unique, water retaining and removable felt pockets to keep the plants happy. However if the plants are in full sun, and exposed to high wind then even the highest levels of moisture will evaporate in about 2 weeks.

On two occasions we have had clients who have accidentally turned their irrigation off for period of more than 2 weeks and this has resulted in some plant fatalities.

We hate to see our gardens looking sad, but unfortunately these sort of incidents are beyond our control.

I look forward to technology advancements which allow for an affordable irrigation system that sends alarms so that we can avoid this in unwanted situation in future.

So please, if you have a Hanging Garden, do give it the tiniest bit of attention, even if that means just looking at it on a daily basis. Your plants will thank you for it!