The impact of humans on the planet is now so great that we have a new geological name for it. The start of this age is now dated to 1945, when mankind littered not only Japan, but every spot on earth with radionuclide’s.

This pollution is now in the very bedrock of our home and affecting every single one of us, like mildew in a moldy, damp home. On top of that we are spewing out toxic gasses, stripping down forests, pouring effluent into our waterways and turning our ocean into an acid bath. And yet we carry on with business as usual.

How is it that humans can be so brilliant and yet so utterly blind to what is happening around us? Have we become so self-centered that all we think about is the next bit of instant gratification? Is this the world we want our children to inherit?

At Hanging Gardens, we can’t change the government and we can’t change the population growth, but we are trying to do something about this tragic situation.

It is doubtful that adding vertical gardens to bare spaces will save the planet, but they do have the benefits of cooling urban spaces, providing additional habitats for biodiversity, removing toxins from the air and water, and at the same time, plants make people healthier and happier.

All our urban spaces can do with the a bit more greenery, so if you would like to do something to green up your space and need some help, talk to us, we would love to help!

Leigh Nicholson