Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Year End for Plants

All around, the plants are now preparing for the winter. This is their version of a year-end stock take and balance sheet.

It has been a long summer, with periods of high temperatures and dry soils. Resources are thin in some areas. Leaves are tired and nutrients are being pulled back. The roots are controlling the action for future survival.

So now is the time to cut back dead growth and prepare for the new year. A good rain will give the roots an extra boost as they prepare for summer growth.

And it looks like it’s going to be a good year.

Around the world, people are taking more and more notice of plants and their role in human lives. There are whole new branches of science looking at the relationships between plants and people.

Did you know that a simple 10 minutes sitting on a bench looking at greenery will lower your blood pressure and stress levels? It will also improve your thinking. What is not to love about plants?

Around NZ we are seeing more and more hanging gardens going up as people delight in re-connecting with nature. So if you are feeling tired, worn out and in need of a little boost, why not get yourself a nice green space and chill out with your plants!

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