Vertical gardens are used as focal points, screens and living skins in buildings, homes and public spaces to beautify and green up urban areas.

Sometimes called green walls, they transform previously under-utilised surfaces and areas into beautiful spaces that also provide habitats for flora and fauna – improving the biodiversity of urban settings.

Greenery on walls helps to remove harmful air pollutants making the air cleaner and healthier.

Interior vertical gardens insulate buildings reducing dependence on cooling and heating systems. Interior vertical gardens also improve air quality inside the building, counteracting the drying effects of heating and air conditioning which provide healthier environments and improve working conditions and productivity.

Hanging Gardens are soil-based gardens and our unique removable felt pockets provide good soil depth, retain a high degree of moisture and keep the roots aerated to ensure plant health.

We have a range of standard solutions as shown below, and we can also custom design the best solution for your site and requirements.

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