Our vertical garden solutions are quick to install and light weight – approximately 35 kilograms per square metre with mature plants and fully saturated

Hanging Gardens’ installation team includes structural rigging specialists who can install large gardens over existing building exteriors or interiors without the need for major infrastructural changes.  The gardens are suspended on marine grade stainless steel rods, rigging and fixtures, and use fabric garden pockets that are UV resistant, durable, washable and guaranteed for 15 years.  Interior garden installations include waterproof membrane fitted to vertical surfaces and the installation of drip trays at the foot of the garden.

Our experienced planting team specialise in soil-based garden establishment – making sure that soil volume is sufficient and the planting is supported with the water retention properties of our unique felt pockets.  The removable felt pockets provide good soil depth, retain a high degree of moisture and keep the roots aerated to ensure plant health.

The design and installation of a Hanging Garden normally includes automatic irrigation using drip feeding small amounts of water each week.  This approach is water conserving and, ideally, using stored rainwater from the roof delivers low operating costs, easy maintenance and water management benefits.

Hanging Gardens are designed to be low maintenance with only occasional removal of dead foliage and feeding required.  We provide maintenance services if desired and otherwise can train your staff or service providers on tips to keep your Hanging Garden looking beautiful.

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