Every Hanging Garden is designed in consultation with our clients and customised to make the best of the site features, lighting and other conditions.

We like to start by getting to know you and your project, so we get a really good understanding of your requirements and what you are looking to accomplish.  That puts us in a better position to design garden concepts that reflect your preferences for colour, species, depth and other parameters while making the most of your site’s physical features.

If you are unsure of the potential options available to you, we can work with you to do a site assessment and then develop  and visualise garden concepts for you to choose from.  This can include recommendations on every factor from size to plant selection to irrigation systems. We love designing spaces and transforming these into 3 dimensional havens. If you need assistance with landscaping your space, we can help. Contact us!

Indoor vertical garden designs are given special care because of the need to waterproof the vertical structure, the amount of available light and the environmental conditions for the plants and the choice of plants.  We can assist with all aspects of the design of indoor gardens to beautify building interiors and to improve the quality of air and associated productivity benefits.

Throughout the process, our professional, friendly team will provide you with a truly personalised service, ensuring you are kept informed at every step.

Hanging Gardens has participated in the international Biophilic Cities project where we designed a garden for  the Wellington Opera House Lane. For more on biophilic design, see our Blog page

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