Hanging Gardens Living Wall H5

Hanging Gardens Living Wall H5


The Hanging Gardens Horizontal Module 5 is a pre-assembled vertical garden module that has 15 pockets and is suspended on stainless steel rods and rigging.  The Module is ideal for the installation of an instant vertical garden over walls or fences. Fifteen removable and moisture retaining botanical felt pockets are included for your plants. The outer material is guaranteed for 15 years in harsh UV light and the felt pockets are tough and re-usable. The rods, rigging and fixtures are Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel.



The Module is pre-assembled 3 pockets wide by 5 pockets high and measures 85cm wide by 1.7m high.


At 1.7m high the Hanging Gardens Horizontal Module 5 is designed to be fixed to a standard 1.8m high fence or wall.

The module makes an instant garden wall with 15 pockets for plants . Simply attach the two stainless steel eyelets to two fixings of your choice (55 cm apart). Make sure the fixings will be able to hold the weight of the garden once planted, which will be around 50kg.

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