Hanging Gardens 3-Pocket Vertical

Hanging Gardens 3-Pocket Vertical

$60.00 + GST

The Hanging Gardens 3-Pocket Vertical is ideal for hanging on a pillar or in a narrow space where you want a column of plants. Three removable and moisture retaining botanical felt pockets are included for your plants. The outer material is guaranteed for 15 years in harsh UV light and the felt pockets are tough and re-usable.



Three pockets of 30cm each; complete item is 105cm high by 30cm wide.


Ideal for any plant that will grow in a container such as herbs, strawberries, edibles, annuals and perennials. Use a good quality container mix to fill the pocket.

The 3-Pocket Vertical has two eyelets for you to attach the garden to your vertical surface. We recommend galvanised hex screws for wooden surfaces but any screw, nail or even cable ties will do. For metal fences where you cannot use a screw we recommend ‘S hooks’ which are available from your local hardware outlet.

If layering the gardens, remember to overlap the gardens slightly, as the pockets bulge when planted.

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