In 2013, a hydroponic vertical garden was installed at the Victoria University and in 2014 the Wellington Council was looking to install another garden in the Opera House Lane. The Opera House Lane site was dark and windy and no-one else would touch the site. Hanging Gardens, installed a soil based garden in the lane, with plants supplied by the very helpful guys at Porirua City Council Nursery and without any further maintenance it continues to flourish.

In 2017 the Victoria University wanted a new garden to replace the old hydroponic one, which had failed to perform, and they asked for a garden ‘like the one in the Opera House Lane’.


Yesterday, the Hanging Gardens team flew into Wellington and we are delighted to have replaced the old garden with our unique, soil based Living Wall System. Thanks to the wonderful guys at the Porirua Council Nursery, we are confident the gorgeous, vibrant NZ native plants will continue to grow and flourish for many years to come.