Man’s most inefficient invention?

Man’s most inefficient invention?

Voice recorded messages when calling a business should be banned. Who wants to hear sales blurb when you want to talk to someone who cares?

Today I spend half an hour trying to find someone who cares about the fact that my water suddenly dried up.  I was diverted to the outages answering system and then offered the options of hearing about Flat Bush or Otara. When I paused waiting for the next option, the message kindly said “Thanks and goodbye” and ended the call.

I hate to admit it, but when I started working, there were real people answering the phones and within three rings!

These undervalued people learnt the names of some 6000 people, their roles, their departments and who best to help for any query.

Then we decided it would be better to boot them out and replace them with a Voice Automation Device – oh my the benefits…   30 years later and this is the bane of my life.

What is so difficult about simply hiring the right people, looking after them and valuing them to do, perhaps the most important job in your company, answer the phone!

This nation must spend millions in lost productivity and as for customer care….

Is that too difficult?

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