Creating vertical gardens for people is not a job, it is a joy!

Having worked around the world for some of the world’s largest organisations, I never expected to be running a new business in NZ. But life has a way of taking you where you need to go and it seems that NZ was meant to be my home and Hanging Gardens was meant to be what I do!

While I enjoyed my globe-trotting life, I now find I have little desire to leave this little piece of paradise and I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing. Creating vertical gardens for people is not a job, it is a joy!

No matter where we install, or how big or small the project, people who come into contact with our gardens never fail to be delighted and that is a wonderful way to spend ones time.

Science is now investing a huge amount of effort into researching the benefits of greenery in urban situations and all the findings are positive. Why this should surprise anyone is a mystery. Our very evolution has been tightly integrated with nature and we are totally dependent upon it. We just seem to have forgotten that we are not the masters of the universe, we are part of it.

It is wonderful to see that around the world, people are embracing vertical gardens as part of the urban landscape. Whether this is for financial gain, compliance with Council regulations, or a genuine concern for the environment, does not really matter, the end result is a vast improvement for the environment as well as for current and future generations.

At Hanging Gardens, we make sure our products and solutions are good for plants, good for the environment and good for people. We love helping people grow gardens, build knowledge and understanding, and improve the environment, but most of all, we love making people happy!

Leigh Nicholson