Many people ask us how we manage to grow such wonderful walls and the answer is simple. We designed our products around the plant! Many of NZ plants are natural epiphytes, meaning they can grow in trees, and many of our plants have evolved to grow in tiny pockets of soil, so we worked with nature.

We designed our pockets to hold a good volume of soil that supports our native species along with most garden container plants. The inner pocket is removable and re-usable, so you can easily move plants around without damaging them.

Our pockets retain a high degree of moisture but they do not not water-log the plant roots. The felt sucks the moisture up to the soil and the plant roots are aerated through the felt.

Bacteria in the soil remove heavy metals and toxins and work symbiotically with the plant roots to promote plant health.

Our products meet the Living Building Challenge criteria for sustainability and our designs are registered with the Intellectual property office of New Zealand and Australia

Any gardener will know that you need to look after your plant requirements for healthy, happy plants!