Legalise the future – an environmental scorecard

Legalise the future – an environmental scorecard

We now know with absolute certainty that our presence on this planet will kill us if we do not change the way we are living

We also know with absolute certainty that there are thing we should be doing to improve our future.

But we do not act.

To act, we need to change our values and people do not like changing their values without a little encouragement.

This is why governmental legislation is so critical..

If, with a stroke of Andrew Little’s pen, all our current laws included an environmental ¬†consideration, then we could start to advance our society in the face of the extraordinary changes we need to make across all areas, to cope with the bumpy ride we are about to experience.

Banning plastic bags is a great step, but we need to clean up the residual mess as well. From building consents to cross-lease to schools, hospitals and transport we need to make changes.

Tax is one mechanism for changing societies values and a very effective one it is.

But the legal framework must also promote the values we need to change.

Anything less is hypocritical and counter-productive.

So come on NZ – lets legalise the future so that we have one!

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