Growing Veges

Growing Veges

This year, moving into the new and bigger garden provided the perfect time for me to grow my own edibles.

The fruit trees were established some 6 years ago and now, crop after crop, the peaches, apricots, pears and apples provide a veritable feast for the birds. Some of the birds are so fat, that when I put my hand through the branches to see if there is any fruit left for me, they hardly budge and simply glare at me.

My other edibles seem to be just as frugal. My beans were planted in too much shade, my tomatoes don’t seem to be doing much except for the odd unripe bunch but my avocado is doing splendidly.  I do hope the birds don’t eat avocado!

So with my meager crops, I went back to the markets and stores and there was a bounty of beautiful, locally grown stuff to peruse and delight.

It made me think, why do we want to grow our own when we live on the doorstep of one of nature’s great gardens? Nothing beats a New Zealand carrot.

I am now giving up growing my own veges and will instead support our very own market gardeners and their seasonal produce.

Let’s not fill the garden with low cost housing and cherish the space so that the future generations can enjoy the harvest too.

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