Some months back, the Auckland Botanical Gardens ran a workshop on Epiphytes and we were introduced to the “Epiphytum” designed by Andrew Patterson. It was love at first sight.

Patterson, who loves NZ forests and plants, had conceived a gorgeous double-helix viewing platform. This structure was to be partially shaded to house a collection of NZ Epiphytes and he wanted suggestions on how to make this work.


NZ has an extraordinary number of epiphytes  (plants that naturally grow in trees) that are found nowhere else in the world and they make up a very important part of our natural habitats. The design is ideal for Hanging Gardens unique, soil-based Living Wall system where we have run successful trials on a wide variety of NZ native plants.

Every significant botanical garden in the world has some unique, iconic element. Just think of Kew Gardens. We think this world-first idea would be a fantastic tourist attraction for our Botanical Gardens where we could show off our wonderful plants and educate people about their significance.

Hanging Garden is now working with Patterson’s and we are determined to make this happen. We would love your comments about the idea!

Leigh Nicholson