Brian on the Brain

Brian on the Brain

Brian Cox in and on the brain

As the horrors of 2020 fade, I am left with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart thanks to Brain Cox who has been much on my mind recently.

If, from the far reaches of the garden I hear his mellifluous voice, I drop everything and rush to hear his eloquent explanations of who we are in this world of ours, what we have done and where we should be going, most recently in the stunning BBC series “Human Universe”.

I have to admit, that if I was to take anyone to a desert island for a day (or preferably  a lifetime) – it would be Brian Cox. Many years ago it was Carl Sagan and Jacob Bronowski (The Ascent of Man) who opened the eyes of a whole generation, but it is Brian Cox who holds the key for the present generation. The enthusiasm, passion and simplicity of his arguments combined with a deep and comprehensive scientific understanding, is simple genius.

The Human Universe should be compulsory teaching for every child. Forget teaching science, history, geography, mathematics as separate subjects and simply incorporate these subjects into teaching the young to understand how they fit into the human society and how to use reasoned thinking, then each child can have a chance to fulfill their own dreams.

Over the last 20 years or so, we have all noticed that so many young kids are obsessed with their electronic devices and the flashing, temporary images which bombard the brain, result in very little building of repeat neural pathways. As a result,  kids often have short attention spans, resistance to change, depression, etc.

If, from a very young age, we could teach our kids how to think, then there is some hope for humanity.

For those who have not seen the Human Universe series, I invite all those interested in the future of humanity to watch and pass on.

It is only when we understand and accept that we humans are only a tiny part of the world and we rely utterly upon the health of our planet that we have a hope of surviving.

Thank you Brain Cox, for giving me a beautiful glimpse of our world and how we can go forward in this mad chaos. There could be no better Xmas present!

Leigh Nicholson

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