The benefits of a global pause

The benefits of a global pause

I know that there are a lot of people active in the green economy, who have been flat out for months.  Six months, years or more.   So I have to admit that today, I did not feel guilt walking my dogs on a deserted beach.  A little global pause feels good!

In Venice, the wildlife in the canals is coming back as water clears. Around the globe, pollution clears. And some people still believe that humans are not having an impact on the climate. Our impact is everywhere!

However, we have demonstrated that we CAN do something about the sorry state of our planet and the impact is almost instantaneous.

Let us take this disaster and learn from it. “Business as usual’ is no longer acceptable. Not in the short term and not in the longer term. Human civilization depends on us changing the way we do things.

Pilot tests on a universal basic income have proved beneficial. Our national assets need to be reconsidered and we need to change the nature of our industry. People should not be frightened by this. When we measure what we treasure then things can change rapidly.

We need to focus all our energy on transitioning to a green economy. This builds resilience for any other shocks that are still to come.  We know that the CO2 that we are currently emitting will affect us in 25 years time, so we need to get used to shocks.

I do hope that those people that we rely upon in times like this (nurses, doctors, truck drivers, firemen, policemen, teachers, etc) become more valued in the future (and that they too are given a month off with paid leave at some stage in the future), because they sure do deserve it!

If we all rethink what we do and how we do it – we can easily reach any target. As we battle though tough times, let’s make sure that we build resilience into each and every one of our future steps and before we know it, we will be leading a healthy green economy for our future generations.

Our online shop remains operative, but otherwise Hanging Gardens is taking a break. So please stay safe, stay happy and if you feel like it – get a Hanging Garden and go up the wall.



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